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Far Pavilions

Ghost Rider

Monday, April 18, 2005

My office is located in Southbank, a shopping and office precinct on the banks of the river Yarra. This morning I discovered that Flinders walk, one of the two bridges that connect Southbank to the Flinders Street train station across the river, is shut for the next four days. Four massive cranes are surrounding the bridge. No construction work here though. The bridge has been cordoned off to accommodate the shooting of some scenes for Ghost Rider, a movie starring Nicholas Cage. The cranes are positioned, presumably, to take overview shots. It is unlikely that many will catch a glimpse of Cage running across the bridge over this week, all of the shooting is scheduled for late evening. A peek into the story of Ghost Rider gathered from a movie site makes for interesting reading:

Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) has a dark secret - he is the Ghost Rider - who can grab you and force you to re-live tenfold all the sins you have perpetuated in your lifeā€¦ if there are too many sins, you'll burn up and incinerate.

Extending the caveat from sins to other follies such as incompetence makes for some interesting possibilities in the real world. Among various scenarios, one such thought stood out for me:
Imagine Steve Bucknor reliving some of his own decisions by taking the place of Tendulkar at the crease. He is successively and repeatedly being given out
- LBW for shouldering a ball clearly missing the stumps
- caught behind for leaving with light passing between the bat and ball

Perhaps Bucknor would rather just burn up and incinerate?


Amusing thoughts.Like some of our Indian players who get themselves out in the pavilion before entering the ground, umpires like SBucknor shd retire before starting their careers.

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