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An Indian making the most of life in sports-crazed Melbourne

Far Pavilions

Thorpe's oil slick

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tamil movie followers have long worshipped their stars with fanatic fan clubs. Just when I thought I had escaped the fan club culture by shifting to Melbourne, I come across a cloying fan website for Ian Thorpe.

With 'Thorpedo' taking a break from competitive swimming till the Beijing Olypics, his newly styled hair made news.

Melbourne's evening tabloid Mx reports that most callers to a local radio station gave the new hairstyle a thumbs down. One caller suggested that George Bush had ordered an invasion of Thorpe's hair--to take control of the oil.


India's fan club culture invades Australia!Rajnikanth and Kamal Hasan wud be proud.Thorpe shd be given a special prize for finding a new home for oilslicks.

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